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Recommended ages 8 - 12

Grades 3 - 7

Historical Narrative. This informative book features beautiful illustrations throughout.


It is April 14. 1912, and the Titanic, the biggest, most luxurious ocean liner in the world, is on her maiden voyage to New York.

In the elegant first-class dining room, passengers are feasting on an eleven-course meal. On deck, people are strolling under a star-filled sky. Below, in their bunks, many are dreaming of new lives in America. But ahead lies an iceberg and disaster...

What happened on that fateful night?

Why did the Titanic sink so quickly?

How many people were saved and how many lives were lost?

This book tells the story of that terrible night in stunning double-page illustrations, with cross-sections and cutaway views that reveal the ship's incredible interior and the people busy inside. Find the details hidden in the pictures and follow the lives of some of the passengers, from the start of their voyage to its tragic end.

Measurements of book approximately 12 x 10 ½ x ¼ inches