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Secrets Revealed:

A Great Documentary on Titanic! Learn the startling facts about the myths, conspiracies and cover-ups that surround the greatest of all maritime disasters! This movie features interviews with Titanic survivors and shares details about the people and the captain who traveled on board Titanic. You will see real footage of the Great Ship and hear from Historians and Authors about what happened that night.

Treasures of the Titanic:

Never again would a ocean liner be as glorified; never again would a ship be considered unsinkable.

Join us in a bold and exciting expedition to the Titanics resting place 12,500 feet below the surface; a mission as technologically challenging and daring as a trip to the Moon!

Witness explorations in & around the Titanic; the retrieval of a ship safe, navigation equipment, china and more; plus interviews with survivors and renowned experts, Its the complete saga of the Titanic, from construction to catastrophe, and, finally, discovery. in one compelling home video.