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Titanic connection: The Vanderbilts of the famous Biltmore Estate were intending to travel on the Titanic, but at the last minute swapped to another ship. They still sent some of their luggage aboard Titanic along with their footman Fredrick Wheeler.


All about Biltmore, an adventure awaits on America's biggest estate! This seek-and-find children's alphabet book invites you to explore twenty-six must-see places at Biltmore Estate, offering beautiful photographs, clever rhymes and hidden animals on every page. Readers will discover everything from colorful gardens and underground tunnels to towering rooftops and lively farm animals. Included are fun facts about Biltmore's history in an illustrated glossary and a kid-friendly map for planning your journey. Whether you use this book as a guide for an upcoming visit to Biltmore or as a souvenir to commemorate your stay, a magical adventure awaits you and your family!